Funeral Parlour

A family run funeral parlour in Glasgow

Have the privacy that you desire for  mourning your loved one at our uniquely furnished, modern and user-friendly funeral parlour.

A touching and private funeral parlour

We tailor all our services to meet your requirements at this difficult time. The openness and personalised services we provide will not be found at other funeral parlours, anywhere else in Glasgow. If need be, our family room is available to be converted into a service room. Here more personal gatherings are held, when church services are replaced. Contact us and you can be rest assured of all our services at an affordable price.
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A family run funeral parlour in Glasgow

Lending support to you

When you choose our funeral parlour you can look forward to a completely personal service that keeps you in mind and focuses on all your needs directly. At McLean's Funeral Services we believe it is our privilege to be of help and support to you in such a sensitive time.
A touching and private funeral parlour

Offering help and advice

We understand the pain a family can experience and offer our continuous help and advice. With prior arrangement, you can spend time with your loved one, 24 hours a day at our funeral parlour. We can also provide specialist funeral transport services.
Extremely professional business. The staff treat you with extreme care and compassion and their service is of very high standard.
- Denise Law 
Funeral Transport
If you are looking for a private funeral parlour call us now on
0141 550 0533
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